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"Ass-Kickin' Blues"

"The Listening Post"

"The Listening Post"

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Mule Newman
Artist: Mule Newman

About Mule Newman:

Dennis Newman began his professional career in music at age twelve as a drummer/singer when he formed a pop group called "The Runaways", and played local events in his hometown of Rye, New York. He later switched from drums to keyboards and founded another rock band, "The Saratoga Wrecking Crew", and performed at high school and college dances. He also took up harmonica and fronted the "Odds 'n Ends", a rock'n'roll band gigging throughout the New York/New England area.

Newman relocated to Los Angeles and hooked up with various bands, and deveoped a unique playing style, backing his soulful vocals with swirling Hammond organ and stylish blues harp. In 1995 he released his self-titled debut CD - " MULE NEWMAN ", using the nickname he picked up because of his reputation as a hard-working showman who carried a heavy load... a five hundred pound Hammond-Leslie rig, and an even heavier load... of the blues! The CD got extensive airplay worldwide and was critically acclaimed.

In 1997 he teamed with veteran guitarist Don Caplan, solid bassist, Al Seeley, and dynamic drummer Charles Ezelle and percussionist Wayne Mills. In 1999 The Mule Newmand Band released Sea of Blues.

Newman pursues his own songwriting, continues his collaborative efforts with Caplan, and also co-writes with Knight and Ugarte on the new CD.

Now, in 2005, the Mule Newman Band proudly announces it's brand new, all-original, eclectic selection of blues/rock/funk/jazz/pop entitled Actin' Up! 2005 also marked the death of DON CAPLAN, the band's beloved guitar player...

But the band plays on for their fallen friend... they are joined by talented
guitarist MIKE HUGHES, and a new chapter of ass-kickin' blues begins!

THE MULE NEWMAN BAND is still together... and still ACTIN' UP!

Listen Tracks Song Description
Album 1
01 Mule Train
Classic rock,with a little bit of funk, cow bell
02 Slippin' Away Classic rock, Hammond, guitar
03 Secret Love Affair Blues-rock with an R&B feel
04 Church Of The Blues Gospel, Blues-rock.
05 Puddn' Funky, blues-rock
06 Purple Orange & Silver Rock-Blues, Steppenwolf feel
07 I'll Be There Bluesy-rock, Rascals feel
08 Hammond Eggs Old blues-rock with a Motown vibe
09 Same Eyes Rock PG&E
10 Summerland Neil Youngish groove with swing break
11 A World Of Hurt Up tempo rock Hammond, Congas
12 Sun Gone Down Slow blues with Harp
05 Wine, Women And Song Medium tempo blues
08 Didn't Want To Do It Medium tempo grinding blues Hammond vocal
09 Fakin' It Up tempo kickin blues
10 Aquamarine Pearl Blues Ballade
11 Killin' Me With Kindness Blues shuffle with vocal
12 But That's Ok slow blues harmonica vocal
14 Sea Of Blues Medium tempo blues-rock riding on the storm
01 Rockin' Fella Classic blues-rock riff
02 They Call Me Mule Medium tempo blues shuffle with harp breaks
03 Woodsheddin' Oldies rock sound, Blues
04 Daddy Died Desolate blues
05 I Don't Know Late 60's vibe blues
07 Say It Isn't So Medium tempo blues Ballade
09 I Remember Beatles feel blues rock
01 The Other Night Blues rock groove
02 Tell You Somethin' Up tempo rock with Harmonica & vocals
03 They Call Me Mule Medium tempo blues shuffle with harp breaks
04 Mainline Regal textured blues-rock
05 Hot Chile Up tempo blues-rock with a funky twist
06 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Heavy slow blues with a rockin chorus
07 I Don't Wanna Know Classic Blues Hammond Vocals
08 Bubble Gum Girl 60's vide rock pop
09 What's A Man To Do Up tempo blues rock
10 Once Upon A Time 60's vibe rock Ballade
11 No Damn Good Down & dirty blues
12 Actin' Up! Medium tempo, blues rock with harp vocals


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