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John Ugarte
Artist: John Ugarte

Listen Tracks Song Description
Album 1
2nd Movement
Episodic cinematic orchestral
Somnambula Ambient, trance, rock
Andes Peruvian mountain music
Episodic, cinematic, orchestral
Believe it or Knot
Progressive rock
Electric blues
Collage #1
World rock
Collage #2 (bagpipes) Progressive world rock
Collage #4 (Chant)
Ethno trance
Come Into My Heart
Slow R&B ballade
Come Unto Me
New-age, space, keyboards
Drivin' Me Crazy Electro-funk
Festivale mix  
For The Roses R&B ballade
FunkByte Contemporary Jazz with latin flair
Heart's Desire Country Rock
High Country progressive, country rock
If You Only Knew Alt grunge rock
Inside Your Love Mix Progressive Alt rock
Jazz #1 Bop Jazz
Jazz Ballade Slow jazz ballade
Jazz Rock Fusion Jazz rock fusion tune
Jazz Suite #1  
New Deli #1 Progessive mid eastern rock
New Latin Jazz Latin Jazz
No Damn Good  
Orchestral Flux Film score, orchestral
Poly Study Multilayered ethno- trance
Linus Plays Slow Jazz ballade
R&B Ballade Slow R&B
Desperately Seeking Samba Brazilian, Jobimish
Rock of Ages mix Ethno space rock
Rocko #1 Progressive rock
Persian Excursian Progressive rock with mid east intro
Get Chills Orchestral thriller
Silent Sorrows Instrumental ballade, guitar
Sounds of Space Techno trance rock
Small stone Alternative rock instrumental
Small Time Houdini World Rock
Souls of Grace Progressive Alt rock.
The Real MacCoy Traditional swing jazz
TV Theme New-age, tv theme
XXX Rock #1 Acid Rock
Flight Of The Sabre
Lil Lamb  
Play On Words  
Inner Space  


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